Cage Free Boarding

Cage Free Boarding

Dog Boarding Del Mar Vista

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DogSpot is now offering Cage Free Dog Boarding. We can say that Cage Free Dog Boarding is a great way to ease your dogs stress and anxiety while you’re away. Cage Free Dog Boarding is very different than your standard canine dog boarding experience. The Cage Free Dog Boarding environment allows your dog to roam freely throughout our play area, getting plenty of exercise and interaction with the other dogs and our staff. In the evening he can choose from one of the many comfy plush beds we offer, or your dog can hop in bed with one of our night time staff members. It’s all about your dog, and what he wants, when he’s cage free boarding with us at DogSpot. We have a 60 dog-cage free dog boarding maximum per night. Keeping the cage free dog boarding group small creates a calm and relaxed environment for your dog.


We will keep your dog on their current feeding schedule upon your request. We ask that you bring your dogs food in a sealed container such as Tupperware or a dog food storage container. No Ziploc bags or dog food bags allowed. This will help us reduce spills and avoid insects.

Sleeping Environment

The dogs will be set up on dog beds in our small dog daycare yard accompanied by a qualified daycare attendant who will supervise them throughout the night.

What to bring: The only thing you need to bring is your dog’s food. You may bring their own dog bed but DogSpot provides plenty of beds for your dog to choose from. Please no toys, balls are provided in our daycare area during play hours.

Standard Rates

DogSpot is offering very competitive rates. The 1st dog is $55.00; 2nd family dog is $40.00, 3rd family dog is $30.00.

Prior to becoming part of our cage free canine boarding group your dog must first pass a required temperament test and spend one full day with us at doggie daycare ensuring they are comfortable in a play environment. The $55.00 fee covers a full day of doggie daycare and an overnight stay with their fellow boarding dogs and a qualified DogSpot attendant.

On the last day of boarding you will only be charged the $30.00 daycare fee (if your dog is picked up before 12pm on the last boarding day you will NOT be charged any extra doggie daycare fees). If you fail to pick your dog up by 8pm on pick up day you will be charged the full $55.00 and your dog will be added to our boarding group for the night.

(Please see the drop off and pick up schedule for specific times).

Holiday Rates

An additional $10.00 per night applies during the following Holiday Dates: November 23, 2015 thru November 27, 2015 and December 19, 2015 thru January 8, 2016. No coupons or discounts can be applied during holiday dates cage free boarding.

Pick Up and Drop Off Schedule

Drop Off: 6am-12pm
Pick Up: 6am-8pm
Drop Off: 8am-12pm
Pick Up: 8am-5pm
Drop Off: 10am-12pm
Pick Up: 10am-12pm & 4pm-6pm