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Carlene King – Owner and Operator of DogSpot

carlene king of dogspot

I am a Certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialist. I’m a graduate of one of the most elite canine training schools in the States, Triple Crown Dog Academy.

In 1993 I embarked on the beginning of a path to embrace and utilize my passion and love for animals, incorporating it into my daily life and career. My first step was to graduate as a Certified Master Groomer from the Colorado Career Academy in Englewood, Colorado.

In 1996 I moved to the small town of Warroad, MN. Immediately noticing the need I opened a pet, feed and grooming business where I enjoyed offering canine and feline nutritional education and advice to clients, while at the same filling the grooming needs of their pets.

In 2001 sold this business and moved to Grand Forks, ND. While there I was fortunate to work as an Office Manager for a local veterinarian so I was able to expand my knowledge base into the pet field. While living there I witnessed so many dogs being surrendered to the local shelter for no other reason than lack of obedience. I felt I could make a difference in so many dogs lives if I were to become a dog trainer and handler.

After having researched all of the schools throughout the country I decided upon Triple Crown Dog Academy in Texas.
After graduation I returned to Grand Forks. The veterinary hospital where I had worked offered me the opportunity to take over their boarding service. The boarding area was housed within the hospital. I immediately went to work, diligently building a small business and incorporating and promoting my training and behavioral knowledge. The veterinary hospital that housed my new boarding business had no adequate indoor area for training. Because of that and Grand Forks’ harsh and long winter climate, I found myself limited to offering only seasonal classes, or private one on one sessions.

Despite this, my training clientele continued to flourish and grow, as did the boarding side of the business. In 2008 I purchased 10 acres of land , together with an 8,100 square foot building. Now with 4000 sq. feet in which to train and the remainder to house spacious boarding kennels I had finally accomplished my dream. At last I had the perfect facility to accomplish what I had always wanted, and that was to make a difference in as many dogs lives as possible. I was helping to educate fellow dog lovers and owners by passing on knowledge and giving them the right tools and confidence to understand and handle dogs who were sometimes close to being surrendered.

I then began working with the local humane society and a local rescue group by donating two kennels to each. With their help I was able to select dogs whose lengthy stay was sadly coming to an end. Most of these candidates had been there for such a long time that their “kennel crazy” behavior was most definitely not promoting them favorably for adoption.

By making available an alternative temporary accommodation in an environment where I could offer plenty of exercise, play and socialization with other dogs as well devote time to training, I found that underneath what initially appeared to be a non-adoptable dog was in every case a smart, intelligent and loving dog who had no other desire than to be able to please and be loved. With lots of love and a steady, happy, daily routine over the next four years I was able to save the lives of many, many dogs and in the process made many close friends.

The business had become a great success. Our kennels were always full, our doggy daycare was filled with regulars and newcomers alike, from far and wide. Our training classes filled a great need in our clients and dogs lives and allowed them to form a new and happy bond with their pets. All of this left me with a great sense of accomplishment.

With the harsh winters finally taking a hard a toll on me and with family living in San Diego I made the tough decision to sell the business and moved to Oceanside, CA in 2012. While adjusting to the vastly different environment, and not knowing exactly which direction I wanted to channel my knowledge and passion, I started by simply walking dogs in the area in order to fill my continual desire to help.

In July of 2013, beginning to feel more comfortable and at home, I decided to start helping fill a need once again and become part of the local canine community. Having learned so much the first time around I chose to keep to the areas where I felt I could help dogs and their owners the most: daycare, training and boarding. And not just boarding, but taking it to the next step, cage free boarding, where your dog sleeps WITH our attendants, never alone! I wanted somewhere totally fun – a spot that a dog would ALWAYS enjoy coming to. At DogSpot we are completely cage free, offering slumber parties for sleepovers, daycare and training. With this in mind I decided to create that special spot – just for dogs – just for fun – hence the name DogSpot.

I am very excited and look forward to helping my new community with their dogs, building many new friendships along the way. I have many plans for the future but this is our place to start. One that is spotless, secure and air conditioned with the perfect floor surface to run, play and use up your dog’s energy. Other places in the area offer daycare, but as an added service to the business, whether it is a veterinary hospital or boarding facility. We concentrate on your dogs and their fun.

I currently reside in San Marcos with my three dogs: Tramp, (an Irish Wolfhound cross) Cabot (Golden Irish Setter cross) and Zena (Min-Pin). I welcome you to come by and meet me, tour my facility, and see for yourself why this is the SPOT for your dog!


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