Employment opportunities


Front Staff

Front reception staff will be responsible for answering phones, checking client’s dogs in and out, handling sales in the retail area and keeping the self-wash area clean and fully stocked. This position requires excellent customer service skills and computer knowledge. You must also be willing to learn about the products we sell. All front staff personnel must work the back daycare area prior to being a front staff attendant.

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Daycare Attendant

This individual must be very self-motivated and hard working. This is a very physical position and you will be monitoring dogs of all sizes. You must be willing to learn how to read dogs and be able to respond quickly and calmly in any situation. In this multi-tasking position will be monitoring up to 60 dogs at a time in the doggie daycare yard. Experience in the doggie daycare field but is not mandatory, but would be very helpful. The position is not for someone that thinks they are “going to play with dogs all day”. You will get dirty, you must be ready to deal with urine and feces, and to be patient with certain dogs that need special guidance. This job takes a special individual. Dogs must be your passion!

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Cleaning Attendant

This position requires you to vacuum floors, gather and empty trash, wash and fold laundry, and to clean bathrooms. You must be willing to learn how to use a push behind floor scrubber. This Sunday cleaning attendant is required to work six hours every Sunday.

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General Requirements for all positions


Potential employees must understand this facility will accept only the best. Our facility must be kept spotless at all times and all employees must be willing to be cross trained in every position. All employees must be self-motivated and the most important thing is dogs MUST be your passion. Employees must be clean and neat in appearance. We supply DogSpot company t-shirts. Employee must provide and wear khaki or blue jeans that are clean and presentable (management will approve). Visible piercings tattoos are permitted but these will also be approved by management (no facial or neck tattoos). Comfortable closed-toe shoes are required. NO SANDLES, NO FLIP FLOPS, OR VISIBLE PIERCINGS. We pride ourselves on professionalism and cleanliness and expect all potential employees to understand that before applying. Potential employees must also agree to a background check and drug testing.